A Shockingly Generic Solicitation

I do some work for my neighborhood, so I occasionally get emails from solicitors.  Normally, these go straight to my spam folder, but today I received a message so shockingly generic, I wanted to share.

I removed the industry name from the email so you can fill in the blanks with your imagination.  Can you figure out what service this company provides from the context?  Are their services related to soil testing, aerial surveillance, street repair, wood chipping, knife sharpening?

Good afternoon,

Is your community in need of a cost efficient and professional [Industry Redacted] company? If so, I would like to meet with you on behalf of First Solution [Industry Redacted] Services to discuss ways our company can be just that and more. At First Solution [Industry Redacted] Services, we are devoted to our clients and providing high quality services.

Please visit our website at [Website Redacted] for more information about our company or give us a call at [Phone Number Redacted].

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you.
Kindest Regards,

[Name Redacted]
Accounts Manager
First Solution [Industry Redacted] Services, LLC
[Address Redacted]
[City, State, Zip Redacted]
Office: [Phone Number Redacted]
[Website Redacted]