Cactus Graft Update


Two months ago, I grafted some small cactus onto Opuntia pads.  One of the grafts has taken while the other is slowly failing.

The Successful Graft

The successful graft still has a good seal between the rootstock and the scion.  The successful graft has grown, although slower than I would have liked.  The scion’s ungrafted peers from the same batch are now mostly larger than the grafted scion.  I don’t know the scion species, and it may be a different species from the rest of the seedlings from the same nursery.  The scion’s nursery was from a bag of “mixed seeds”, so I may be unlucky with my selection of scions.


The Questionable Graft

The unsuccessful graft had some early problems.  Because the rubber bands were too tight, I knocked the scion off the morning after I made the initial graft.  The callus had not fully formed, so I reattached the graft.  The tight rubber bands also bent the rootstock.  As time went by, the rootstock corrected its bend, however one side of the scion peeled off the rootstock.  The scion pushed roots down between the scion and the rootstock.  You can see the roots in the photo (red arrow).  The side of the scion with the roots pressing down shriveled.  I believe the other side of the scion is still attached to the rootstock, so I am leaving it be for the time being.  The successful graft is now considerably larger than the questionable graft.


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