Digital Ocean WordPress Setup

I’ve owned this domain for years, and I wanted to put a blog back on the address.  I looked at hosted sites like WordPress and Tumbler, but I ultimately decided to host my own.  I want to have a dedicated server on the Internet I can install software on and run any sites or tools I want.  I’ve used Heroku and EngineYard professionally, but those servers are far more expensive than what I wanted to spend for a personal site.  My friend Loren Norman pointed me to a service I hadn’t heard of – DigitalOcean.

I am impressed.  It’s cheap ($5 a month and nice promo codes for first time users), and I have decent Linux server at my disposal.  I chose which flavor of linux I wanted to create, and within minutes, I Digital Ocean handed me the keys .  Their documentation for setting up WordPress is superb.  I am a professional instructional designer, and I love step-by-step instructions.  The instructions were clear, concise, and best of all, they worked.